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Right choice, right people can Save on the cost of operations, reduce order-cycle time, and increase profitability. This is what it means to choose Falcon Forwarding as your fashion logistics provider, you not only get our top-notch services, but also our niche expertise in third party fashion distribution.

From the factory to your supplier shop we will handle it on your behalf Our policy in Falcon Forwarding's zero tolerance in quality compliance and customer service ensures that we come up with a global fashion distribution experts, that will specialize in the handling and management of clothing shipments. Your customers get what they want, faster. We provide direct customer support when it comes to shipping inquiries, and you can track all of our shipments online. The results: a higher profit margin for each item, and a much more profitable business overall.

  • Take the order
  • Process credit applications
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Manage purchasing and inventory
  • Pay your sales force
  • Manage your accounts payable and receivable
  • Manage customer returns
  • Manage stock rotations with your vendors
  • Help with direct marketing and catalog distribution

When you need your good to arrive safely and in style do you just pick anyone or settle for less of course not you will look for a an expert , someone with a track record someone who has walk the talk can talk the walk, Falcon Forwarding is just not a freight forwarder who does everything and anything but we are experts in this industry , our track record speak volumes. When you decide to us Falcon Forwarding you're putting our experience, global reach and advanced systems and technologies to work for you. We offer you a synchronized one stop logistics solution from the factory to the runway. The fashion industry is very delicate and more often times unstable because style is inconsistent. Whats in fashion today is not tomorrow. Or maybe stock-outs are a problem? We fully appreciate that and understand the critical role supply chains play in the fashion and apparel industry. Your solution is for a logistics company who is shrewd and experienced in the fashion and apparel industry.


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